It’s no secret that happy employees work harder and are more productive than unhappy ones. An important part of any work environment is making sure it’s healthy, respectful, and efficient. The processes of creating a positive and healthy work environment may be time consuming, but the return yield of efficiency and positivity in the workplace is well worth the initial time investment.

Businesses that value long term success are more structured to facilitate healthy environments. Long term employees typically stick around for more than just perks and locations. The ultimate goal is to create a space where your employees want to come in and do their best. The key to fostering this behavior is creating a healthy work environment. There are 5 ways to initiate the process.

1. Establishing Healthy Communications
The first key is engaging in a meaningful dialog among your coworkers and managers. Although in person communication is always preferred, recent events have deemed that too risky for most professionals. Meaningful conversations are the foundation for establishing a healthy work environment where members across all parts of the organization feel that they have a venue to share their voices.

2. Show recognition

A common theme among unhappy employees is that they feel they often aren’t appreciated. As crucial as feedback is for managers, they often get caught up in the X’s and O’s of day-to-day management and fall short of rewarding their employees with small acts of appreciation. Detailed feedback and recognition from a manager shows that they’re not just throwing around empty phrases and are paying attention to their employees in a meaningful way.

3. Be open to all ideas

Everyone on your team brings their own unique perspectives to solving day-to-day problems. Genuine listening to ideas that cross your path can propel you in more efficient directions, and further establish the open channels of healthy communication within your workplace

4. Establish a break-time schedule

This is more unique depending on your industry and needs in the workplace. Encouraging employees to take a 5-minute break every 90 minutes does wonders for making the workplace not feel like a grind. Requiring a 5-minute break won’t get you any farther than requiring a schedule with no breaks, it should be up to employee discretion, within reason of course. 

5. Maintaining a clean and comfortable office

No one prefers to work in clutter. Keeping the office clean and feeling cozy allows for comfort while on the job. This backs up the general feelings of health and wellness that we’re trying to cultivate. In the event that your office lacks natural light, there are many options for creating an artificial environment that you and your employees will feel great working in.

Following these few tips can help ensure that your employees will feel comfortable, happy, healthy, and do wonders to help facilitate productivity in the workplace. Good managers should always value their subordinates’ feelings and opinions. Implement those 5 tips and watch as more smiles appear in the workplace. 

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