Balancing Life and Work: How to Support Your Employees

Work and Life balance is not a brand new concept. It means dividing appropriate time for your career and personal life. New enterprising businesses and startups are advertising their ability to promote the balance, and using it to attract new and exciting talent. If you care about supporting employees, or improving their performance in the long or short term there are several methods that can be followed. In this effort for employee support to improve performance and advance employees, here is a list of helpful tips to support your employees.

Setting Client/Work Boundary

The first step is setting expectations with clients of when work is to be done. This helps improve productivity and retention. By encouraging employee freedom, it is often rewarded with extra productivity during work hours.

Create flexible work schedules

Increased flexibility and freedom allows employees to gain more control over their schedules. Leading to a better balance between their personal and private lives and greater job satisfaction. While some roles may need to adhere to firmly set time schedules, you can identify the roles and tasks that aren’t necessarily reliant on the standard 9-5 grind.

Limiting Employee Hours

When stress levels rise and productivity decreases, the addition of extra hours often makes the situation worse. One of the best ways to improve employee’s restfulness and productivity is enforcing dedicated hours. High productivity doesn’t necessarily mean working full eight-hour days. Often, with restricted employee hours, workers are encouraged to get their work done more efficiently and have more flexibility when it comes to their personal lives.

Trusting Employees

By allowing your employees the space to provide value and production on their time in terms as long as they are adhering to goals and timelines you can promote an active work-life balance When you book fewer meetings and allow technological processes to stimulate growth, a more fulfilling work culture can be brought forth.

Allow for optional long-term remote work

Remote work has quickly proven its viability as an option for companies and allows a huge benefit for many employees. For some team members, remote work makes it much easier to juggle career and family. For others, it can be more difficult. You should strive to create a remote work policy that allows for both perspectives to deliver their best.

Set an example

When your employees feel supported, your whole team can benefit from much healthier and more efficient work environments. Therefore, your employees can feel more comfortable embracing new policies if they see you model behaviors. For example, utilizing a hybrid work from a home system or taking your PTO will encourage employees to follow suit.

One of the biggest challenges that companies can help employees achieve work-life balance is the stubbornness of managers/higher-ups. It’s crucial that you allow your employees to work best with what works for them. Freedom often begets efficiency, and efficiency begets productivity. Follow these tips, decide what works for you, and watch as your office can become a much more healthy and happy work environment.

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