How to Help Your Employees Achieve Happiness at Work?

Achieving employee happiness is the key to unlock success in terms of helping a company flourish. When employees are happy not only does the company have the capacity to reach new heights, but it allows for a positive workplace environment. Think of employee happiness as the foundation laid where a symbiotic relationship can form, where both the employees and employers benefit at the other’s expense.

Even research and evidence have shown there is a solid link between productivity and happiness. One study carried out by Oxford University concluded happy workers also meant they were 13% more productive in the workplace. Productivity breeds higher profits, increase in satisfaction, and overall better company morale. Now that you know employee happiness might be the missing piece in the puzzle, you might be wondering exactly how I can strive to make my employees happy at work? Let’s dive in on a few secrets on how you can help your employees achieve happiness.

Make Your Employees Feel Valued

Employees are human beings not robots. Which is why a pat on the back ocassionally, to make it known to them they’re valued can do wonders. For instance, whenever one of your employees goes above and beyond, whether it be with a client, task, or project, recognize them! When workers feel valued, they also feel more confident in their abilities. As well as, valuing your employees can make them feel they have an integral role which is needed for the company to run smoothly and seamlessly.

However, in any workplace there will be times where mistakes and errors will be made by your employees. Instead of getting bent out of shape about it, take a step back. Recognize what they should have done instead, then offer advice to help them fix the problem and what they can do in the future to prevent it from repeating. Being respectful and helpful during these times will truly show you appreciate them.

Let Your Employees Know It’s Okay to Draw Boundaries
With the use of technology, workers feel like they can never escape from work. The constant email and work notifications can be overwhelming and endless, even when you do leave the office. As an employer, make it clear that boundaries are needed and beneficial for everyone. By allowing them to create boundaries it shows you care about their time and understand their whole life cannot revolve around work.
Promote Exercise, Sleep, and Nutrition
Exercise, sleep, and nutrition are the essentials. As an employer, emphasize the importance of sleep and by not putting sleep as one of their top priorities can be hurtful. Reiterate that staying up all night to answer emails can be detrimental to their health, as well as to the company. By promoting your employees to prioritize healthy habits regarding their sleep, exercise, and nutrition it can produce valuable results. It shows your employees you value their well being and when they come into work, they will be hardworking, optimistic, and driven individuals.
Let’s Collaborate
Think of your employees as family but also as an investment. Which is why when you partner with Raghu Chittimalla you will learn all the tools and strategies on how exactly to optimize your investment. With our expertise you can surpass new goals and create a space that no longer feels just like “work.” 
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