Trending Hiring Policies To Watch Out For

The future of work has changed. The workplace as we know it, propelled by the pandemic force which was beyond control, has undergone a sea of change. The rules of recruiting, hiring have changed forever. As organizations world-wide prepare to embrace a distributed workforce model for the long-run, here are some trending Human Resource policies picking up speed in the upcoming year:

Hiring employees to work remotely

With the COVID-19 situation, all companies switched to working remotely with offices being shut down for health safety reasons. Recent surveys have shown that this trend is here to stay. Working from home or remote work is becoming popular among employers and job seekers alike. Job seekers now see working remotely as a requirement than a perk which impacts their decision whether or not to take the new job.

Diverse workforce

With remote work in force, organizations now hold the capacity to be able to expand their talent horizon and invite job seekers from various locations across the globe.

Virtual recruiting is the new normal

It was the first time, due to such a situation, the companies created an end-to-end recruitment process while dabbling in video-based interviews and remote assessments. This method of virtual recruitment is here to stay as it cuts down on costs and saves time.

Cloud-Based HR Tech

This technology will offer seamless experiences to job seekers right from their interview, assessment phase, onboarding, performance management, and more.

Capability and Ability will be tested

With a new shift in the hiring process, most companies have let go of the traditional “test followed by an interview” method and have begun assessing candidate’s abilities or talent based on what they are or have been contributing to the open-source technology platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and so on.

Performance Assessments

HR teams within an organization will now seek to assess an employee based on the amount of work done by them rather than the hours they put in. With remote work bringing a certain level of flexibility, the HR managers will now look at the bigger picture of an employee’s performance as they will assess the overall mission and how was it accomplished rather than the clock in and clock out time.

No doubt that the pandemic has caused a profound shake-up in how businesses existed and economies performed, the new unexpected and radical changes have a silver lining to them. As organizations as their HR continue to evolve in the response to the new normal we are living in, their approach to recruitment must keep changing as time goes by.

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