I'm Raghu

CEO & Managing Partner of TechStar

About Me

In over two decades of my technical and entrepreneurial experience, two things I have learnt best are- ‘TO PERFORM’ and ‘TO CREATE PERFORMERS’. Though born in Andhra Pradesh, India, I have over time metamorphosed into a citizen of the world; and I believe in living and working industriously and ethically for development of fellow humans and the world.


The Meta Entrepreneur

Raghu Chittimalla

CEO & Managing Partner - TechStar

Confessions of a Futurist


Sanjeev Goyal

Great Indian spiritual personalities about IT

My Clients

In the span of years of close liaison with institutions of all shapes and sizes, I & my company have succeeded in building up and preserving the faith entrusted in us.

My Projects

Every project we did, irrespective of its size or structure, we did with zeal and tenacity. Every project we completed added to our pride and goodwill.


Being a corporate leader & having led a good number of CSR activities hasn’t stopped me from fulfilling my Individual Social Responsibility. I have had the honour of doing my least bit for the society through organisations like City Impact, IT Serve Alliance, DATA, TANTEX, TANA and more.

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