5 Business Strategies To Learn From Amazon

There is no doubt that Amazon has dominated the global e-commerce industry for years now. But how did it manage to achieve and stay strong in its position for so long now? The one key element that differentiates Amazon from others is that they are hyper-focused on their customers and do not stress about competition.  According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has always emphasized the company’s principal – offering better services to their customers to maintain their loyalty is always super motivating.

When Amazon started in the year 1995, it only sold books on its website. The other principles that the business focuses on are long-term planning, passion for innovation, and operational excellence. So, let’s glance through some 5 business strategies enterprises need to learn from the biggest name in the industry.


This e-commerce giant’s success story stems from its passion for innovation. Focused and planned investment in innovative technology and practices has fostered exceptional results. Innovation is crucial for businesses of any size or type because it means using new ways of adding value to an existing product or designing a completely new product to bring about substantial changes to society.

Customer Service

Amazon’s customer-centric approach is what sets it apart from others. The ease of ordering for a product, the ability to track its delivery, or enable a quick exchange of products if not satisfied with, has bought a tremendous change and ease in online shopping. Even those who were skeptical of shopping on the internet were drawn by Amazon’s amazing, easy, and quick shopping experience. This shows how important it is for a business to primarily to focus on the customers and less on the competitors. Having said that, a business must keep a track of its rivals in the domain but not entirely focus their business strategy on the competition.

Amazing UX Experience

Amazon’s app and website are a user’s delight. These have been designed in such a way that customers find what they are looking for quickly without having to search around. User-focused design is always a win-win for any business. It’s wise to remember that mobile applications and websites are for the customers and not the business per se. It is meant to answer the queries or help the customers find what they can get from the services you promise them.

Adapt and Persevere

The ability to remain flexible and mobilize the strategies as per the demand or current market trends is what makes Amazon the best in what it does. If you seek to run a multi-billion dollar business then you must be ready to disrupt your business strategies and constantly keep evolving, executing to the latest trends.

Think of Opportunities

Every business has its ups and downs and Amazon is no exception. After initial setbacks and the long-term wait for the profits to start trickling in, Jeff Bezos seeks opportunities and solutions rather than dwelling on what went wrong.

Amazon’s journey from being a book-selling store to a platform that brings you almost everything, there are many things for an entrepreneur to learn and implement in their business strategies.  The founder of this biggest retailer has always encouraged business owners and budding entrepreneurs to never stop experimenting as this is the only way to generate new ideas and bring forth newer innovations.

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