5 Tips to Help You Feel Positive and Stay Upbeat

You may recall being told not to get too attached to the thoughts running through your mind; just let them arise and fade out their own. Although the advice seems to be plausible, you do have to inspect the origin of such thoughts so that these thoughts diminish over time. As you go on about your day, you may find yourself replaying past events, worrying about the future, and generally focusing on events in life that have left an impact.

While negative thoughts invading your mind may be a common occurrence, over-emphasizing such thoughts will leave you in a state of despair, preventing you from living your life to the fullest. There exists a thin line between thinking about the problem and inspecting the root cause or the origin of such thoughts. While mulling over a situation or thought will never bring out the answers you are seeking but thinking about the cause of such worries will often be fruitful. While you choose to find out the reason that is causing such thoughts to crowd your mind, here are some tips to help get over those, feel positive and stay upbeat at all times:

Practice Mindfulness:

Meditation – you may be very well acquainted with this term. It is for a good reason that many people around the world practice this art each day. While meditating, you are guided to view and observe your thoughts by detaching yourself from it altogether. It may seem an uphill task at first and gradually you learn to take control of your emotions, and how you react when faced when some nagging thoughts.

Let The Thoughts Flow:

Don’t be startled, avoiding negative thoughts will only make your anxiety worse in the long run. If you try to stop any unwanted thoughts from entering your mind, it will be equivalent to deliberately being on the lookout for such thoughts to eliminate them. The problem with this method – the more you try stopping something, the more they appear. Here, you are constantly dealing with the pressure of not letting these thoughts pop up but in reality, these thoughts seem to cloud your mind more than ever.

Pen It Down:

Writing down your thoughts daily is a great step towards understanding your thinking patterns. Over time, you will learn to identify the most prevalent thought pattern you have and help you in figuring out the root cause of such thoughts. Whether you opt for therapy or do it on your own, you can restructure your thoughts slowly yet steadily when you can identify, evaluate, and then replace such thoughts with more productive ones.

Change Your Surroundings:

Ask yourself – what are the top sources of stress and negativity around me in my immediate surroundings. So start questioning, without getting overwhelmed, each thought that enters your mind that might be directly related to your surroundings, relationships, and so on.


The best tip to make your mind free and release those tensions – walk in the park, hitting the gym, yoga, or some mindful activity you can do wherever you are at. When you are involving yourself in some activities, you can divert your thoughts and probably find the best possible way to deal with it.

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