Level-Up Your Skills: Top 5 Must-Read Management Books

Management is a skill that can always be improved and it involves constant researching, testing, and learning new ways of doing things. These things not only enable you to become a better leader but also make you confident while delegating tasks, solving problems, and organizing. For many have argued that management is art. And just as artisans and artists need to master their crafts, business leaders need to perfect their skills from time to time to stay relevant in a dynamic and competitive corporate world. Here is our pick of the top five management books you must read to give your career and knowledge a boost that will help you become more effective, efficient and empowered. These may also help you to prioritize tasks in such a way that you pave the way for your organization’s success:


The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker

Why you must read it: This book is top recommendations for anyone no matter where you are currently in the management hierarchy. This book emphasizes how important it is to get things done at the right time – this is the true measure of the executive’s ability and capability.

Don’t Bring It To Work by Sylvia Lafair

Why you must read it: Ever wondered why your colleagues behave in a certain way at work? Wonder no more, this book sheds light and explains on such behavior because whatever is happening at their home, with their family, is reflecting and repeating itself at work. This book helps in identifying such personality types that cause friction and shows a way to redirect such behavior in a way that serves the goals of the team.

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

Why you must read it: New York Times bestselling author unlocks the secret and shares that great workplace culture is built on three fundamental skills – Build Safety, Share Vulnerability, and Establish Purpose. Group performance largely depends upon how people in that team interact with each other than on their skills.

Harvard Business Review – Manager’s Handbook

Why you must read it: This book gives you step-by-step guidance through common managerial tasks and becomes an impactful leader in your organization. Whether you are a new manager or looking to influence your current role, this book is a must-read and a comprehensive guide that will be useful throughout your career.

The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Why you must read it: Being a manager means swamped with work which is why you need effective tools to engage and motivate your teammates. And this is where the book comes in handy. This book talks about a management methodology where one-minute conversations with the employees are sufficient to make them happy and motivate them to increase their productivity.

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